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important to elsewhere in the country and shop because here people will be voting here about things like unemployment which some figures show is the highest it's been in forty five years they will be watching on the economy would slow down in the last three months of two thousand and eighteen for the fish time in five horses twenty percent of those with a it was a physician's population as the minority muslim and community relations have feed. in focus in this country under a hindu nationalist government both at the center in new delhi accent at the states so all of these issues in both are put there but elsewhere in the country because it's also there for they this constituency it's only one of ninety one across the eighteen states union territories that go to the polls today elsewhere there is one thing taking place in indian administered fish me and we're hearing from there that there is an internet blackout and the north of and did administered push me to
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voting is taking place and as you know the internet blackouts are common in kashmir specially during sensitive times we're also hearing that separatist leaders and push me out have called for a strike today there are asking people not to take pot in the indian democratic system and our laws national security has been a huge issue in this election sol on the attack in fish meat and fish it's funny the opposition has really campaigned on issues as i mentioned like unemployment the economy communal relations and since the attack me the ruling the b j p have made this election about national security well given the national security is such a huge issue as what does pakistan one top of this election i imagine as i'm about as watching very very closely indeed. they are the stasi and we heard from prime minister him on con yesterday who told reporters that he would find. it better to negotiate with the current government to find
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a special month for the seven decade long dispute and to me it now that's interesting because this is a hindu nationalist government it is one that has especially since that attack in february has georgia and teapots sentiment and yet prominent among all of the saying that he would find it better to negotiate with them and that is because and this is something that we have heard in the past because there wouldn't be as much of a backlash from the right wing if the negotiations were being led by a viking government that would this be an advantage to be in this election. the opposition parties have seized on that saying that a vote for morty is a vote for potus dog but we will wait and see how this will play out over the next six weeks of the selection of the software and there's a bit i'm watching very saying you know some protest for us there thank you as. well whether is next about still ahead on al-jazeera a strangely as prime minister announced as the days of the general election we'll
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look ahead at the key issues and in israel the voting ends about the coalition negotiations are just getting started. and i bet the clouds are gathering once more over parts of southeastern china for take a look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds at first it just in the north drifting their way towards the east but then a few bright white areas of cloud beginning to develop to the south of that and this is the area we've got to watch over the next few days that really gets going and then we see some very heavy downpours that the day and on friday the whole thing is moving southward so so on friday it will be the growing she area and the guangdong province where we see the worst of the wet weather really does get very wet here i mean further towards the. south of the some sunshine for most of us in
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the south eastern parts of asia but also some shop showers around some particularly heavy ones have been there over the southern half of the philippines but we're also seeing plenty of oppose a born through java and into some are shipped from the northwest impulses also want to showers here particularly over parts of thailand and as we stretching through cambodia and into parts of viet nam for friday as well one or two of us are likely to see a few showers here there's also some showers a further towards the northwest as well if we look at the satellite picture we can see them making their way across parts of bangladesh when those one sees i think we'll just see more developing particularly later on during the day so at first it shouldn't be too bad for the eastern part straw yes haught yes but the showers that pop up late on thursday and late on friday to. sponsor. the online. or if you join us on all of. the dialogue we are talking about.
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you have seen what it can do somebody. and. everyone has a voice. in your twitter and you could be on the street join the conversation. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour in the u.k. prime minister has accepted the offer to extend it to october thirty first the bloc will review progress on the deal and the reason may was seeking an extension until june thirtieth as an emergency meeting in brussels. polls have opened in the first
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phase of india's general elections voting will go on for more than one month in seven phases about nine hundred million registered voters are expected to cost. us vice president mike pence has called on the u.n. security council to revoke the credentials of president nicolas maduro government demanding the un recognized opposition leader. as the country's legitimate leader. while the un chief is calling for a cease fire in libya to avoid bloodshed in tripoli the security council's held an emergency meeting on the situation as fighting there intensifies dozens of people have been killed in recent days that includes at least. a warlord khalifa haftar whose forces are trying to take the capital tripoli from the un backed government the united nations says at least four thousand people have been displaced and many are trapped. it's still time to stop it still stime for
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a cease fire to take place for a cessation of hostilities to take place and to avoid the worst which would be a dramatic bloody battle for tripoli and it's still time to recognize there is no military solution only political solution scale apply to situations like the one in libya. i had has. the situation is still a very tense in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli following get yesterday's clashes between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to the end of baghdad police based government of national accord have to us forces manager to open and you'll front in the southern eastern outskirts of tripoli namely in a neighborhood old call that aims are and eyewitnesses that say that hundreds of families would leaving the area because of the clashes and meanwhile the government of national accord accuses have to the forces of targeting civilian areas with
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heavy with heavy weapons or random shelling or have random shootings have been landing in civilian areas and also have the air force has been targeting get the government forces locations in the outskirts of the libyan capital meanwhile the government of national poll says that its air force has conducted civil air strikes targeting have to us forces locations around the city of again around one hundred kilometers to the to the south from the libyan capital tripoli government sources say that they have the captured sixteen who have fighters and also military vehicles the situation remains very tense and it seems that despite the fact that civil international institutions have been calling for called including the united nations and the european union but it seems that need that one of the
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evil factions on the ground is listening to the international calls but generally speaking this situation is collation it seems to be dealing with the peace talks need there general national conference which was due to be held on the fifteenth of this month in the city over the dams. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks set for a fifth term after his main rival conceded defeat in the general election that's despite benny gantz winning as many seats and as harry forsett reports from west jerusalem netanyahu is expected to get the support of smaller right wing parties to form a coalition government. just hours after claiming victory came a different tone from the man now likely to become the leader of israel's opposition veena ten lots of the gulf stream given the size of the blocks this is the reality the fight isn't over the dialogues continue you know give me a mean. day brought only growing certainty that the former army chiefs project to
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unseat israel's prime minister had failed. i believe b.b. king bibi had been a chance in the early hours of wednesday and once again benjamin netanyahu backed up his boast that there really is no one like him in israeli politics. very moved that the people of israel put their trust in me again for the fifth time a greater trust even he managed to take enough votes from right wing rivals to gain seats for his likud party without undermining support for his preferred coalition partners personally as well as politically the stakes have never been higher i think the main purpose of that anyhow in these elections are was to get a majority in the parliament in the knesset that will enable aim to make legislation that will give him immunity and protect him form the charges that he is going criminal charges it's going to face a few months israel's attorney general is due to hold hearings for netanyahu and
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his lawyers where they can challenge his intention to indict the prime minister in three separate corruption cases it's considered likely however that charges will be brought one of the key questions now is exactly what kind of a price the smaller far right parties might try to extract from that in return for their support especially if they're expected to go to the wire for him to help him defend against the corruption cases he faces and it's a price that could end up costing the palestinians more than anyone else in the final days of the campaign netanyahu endorsed the annexation of all israeli settlements in the occupied west bank palestinian politicians fear it's more than an election ploy rather a consequential political shift just weeks ahead of the planned publication of the . administration's peace plan i think the whole goals of the game are changing because now it's clearly superimposing greater than all of historical palestine. and therefore they have totally cancelled any agreements they have nullified the
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two state solution they have totally gaited that requirements of peace they have totally violated international law and so on so now when the whole new strategy to deal with this. netanyahu stands to make history twice over within months becoming israel's longest serving prime minister and potentially exposed to serve under the stain of indictment for all his opponents talk of its being time for change enough israelis have decided that what they really want is more of the same very force it al-jazeera west jerusalem. well dubbed waxman is an author and professor at northeastern university in boston he says palestinians are under increasing pressure. i think the palestinians are really in a a major political crisis here i mean there were obviously waiting for the potential release of the trumpet ministrations peace plan that's certainly going to be not satisfactory to the palestinians they're going to reject that that's probably going
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to lead if it if they indeed the planet is released that will lead to even more pressure from the trumpet ministration on the palestinians and possibly arab pressure from states in the region on the palestinians the palestinians are really going to find themselves in a tight spot and more broadly the palestinian strategy historically at least since the beginning of the mid of the oslo peace process has been to hope that the united states would pressure israel would use its leverage to pressure israel to make concessions at negotiating table if on the other hand the united states will use the trumpet ministration is in lockstep with his and if the united states supports israeli moves that addicks parts of the west bank then i think that's going to require a fundamental rethinking of palestinian strategy and what the palace and even the palestinian aims are they still going to seek a two state solution or will the palestinians shift away from demanding a two state solution and instead demand equal rights within
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a one state astray as prime minister has called a general election on may eighteenth scott morrison is seeking a third term for his concerns. he's been in office since august and is the prime minister to lead a government divided over issues including climate change energy policy has played a role in a strain six changes of prime minister. well now a date has also been set for algeria's presidential election voters will head to the polls on july fourth after weeks of anti-government protests the demonstrations lead to the end of. his twenty year rule but protesters are keeping up the pressure demanding an overhaul of the entire political establishment reports i. protest movement has grown in size and scope despite the appointment of an interim president many people say they feel betrayed by their political elite and have lost
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trust in the government. they also don't believe that are the. is the right person to run the country of this critical moment they have to go they have to go the whole government the whole gang that it's enough to came out today because they appointed ben and we do not want him to governors we want them to leave all of them the army chief but guy has expressed support for the anteroom president warning against what he said what attempts to create a power vacuum and to really mean countries are trying to push some people to the forefront of the current scene and impose them as representatives of the people with the hope of leading the transitional period and implementing their plans aimed at destabilizing algeria and create a rift among the algerians. this bite of those warnings antigovernment protesters seem determined to continue their rallies until the political
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establishment is gone for the protesters the government and the interim president all staunch allies of the former president. and should have resigned when he stepped aside the fact they're still in place is fueling concerns the old guard maybe even moving to maintain its influence. as iraq. north korea's leader kim jong un says his country must stay in a serious blow to those imposing sanctions by building a self-reliant economy his comments come as the south korean leader flies to washington in a bid to revive talks on the north's nuclear weapons from mcbride reports from sell . the south koreans have managed to break the deadlock with their neighbors before but after the failed summit in the vietnamese capital hanoi in february when the u.s. appeared suddenly to change its demands at the negotiating table this is
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a different kind of obstacle the administration supposedly reportedly has demanded that north korea abandon everything in one shot big deal but just structurally that's impossible or this is a sort of estimated donald trump because in hanoi he gave us short himself to be tough. maybe excessively tough i would say you know south korean president moon j.n. prepares to meet the u.s. president north korea's newly elected supreme people's assembly is gathering in pyongyang it could indorse leader kim jong un's new path of economic development instead of mr clear testing but to do that he needs at least partial lifting of economic sanctions which he'd hoped to get at the hanoi summit now president moon is likely to push the u.s.
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administration for some sanctions relief but he might be disappointed. what dawned there ocracy ease there in the eighty's by the hard liners. and the belief that sensuous i just begin to bite and they might be right so for now we could be left in the same diplomatic limbo people occasionally get their hopes up expecting some huge breakthrough i guess we have to try to do that but until we see some indications of change in ideology world view perceptions national interests of the stakeholders in the region will be stuck here for a while but as long as there aren't missiles being launched or warlike threats being made many in northeast asia will settle for that bright al-jazeera seoul.
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hello i missed out here ten doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the european union and the u.k. have agreed to extend a brac set until october thirty first it means the u.k. will not crash out of the e.u. on friday the bloc will review progress in june and says the extension is flexible and could move soon. ok we'll continue to see a corporation as a full member state with all its rights and as a close friend and trusted ally in the future let me finish. let's just start to our british friends. this extension of flexible as expected. and little bit shorter than expected but there are still enough. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks set for
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a fifth term that's after his main rival benny gantz conceded defeat in the general election netanyahu is trying to form a coalition with a number of smaller right wing parties venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he has reached a deal with the red cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country madeira made the comments during a televised address in which he also accused u.s. vice president mike pence of racism pensa demanded that the u.n. security council recognize opposition leader as interim president the u.n. chief is calling for a cease fire in libya to avoid bloodshed in tripoli the security council held an emergency meeting on the situation as fighting there intensifies dozens of people have been killed in recent days. after his forces are trying to take the capital tripoli from the u.n. back to government the united nations says at least four thousand people have been displaced and many are trapped polls have opened in the first phase of india's
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general elections prime minister narendra modi is seeking a second term voting a staggered over seven days to allow india's nine hundred million registered voters to cast their ballots well those are the headlines next up the street. i mean sufficient every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump to tone through the eyes of the welts generally that's right out of a last script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase or. the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most impact is a free palestine they're listening post on al-jazeera. imo they could be here in the stream if the o.p.'s prime minister has been widely
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praised for pushing through major changes during the first year of his term but can i be ahmed build on his breathless start and solve the theories of seemingly intractable challenges send us your thoughts or twitter and you tube. i'd be mania swept parts of if he and the wider region sensibly ahmed became prime minister a year ago before his election by the country's ruling coalition abby was a little known politician now he is a leading nominee for nobel peace prize this clip from al jazeera somehow made it out highlights just some of the changes that the opi out under abbott's watch. it's been a good frosty for prime minister from the time at forty two the ethiopian the is the youngest and often continent so far. including freeing thousands of political prisoners and closing the country's infamous torture chambers in the capital of the
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suburb. known as one of the world's last journalists within months of taking office released them. he has appointed women to hof the cabinet posts parliament has also accepted his female nominees for president and head of the supreme court but it's the speed with which he ended the twentieth conflict with nibbling at a tree honest published. science of what it can. but it's not all good news i began his government must tackle long simmering ethnic tensions as well as economic and environmental problems threatening people's livelihoods and he pulled it off well joining us to discuss this we have a bag allow a journalist with if he opium satellite television and radio known as east that. is that or in chief at the idea standard she joins us from frankfurt germany and. is a political analyst he joins us from the capital at this hour welcome to the stream
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everyone a bad day i want to start with you because it's so good to have you back in the studio thanks so much and i want to remind our audience especially for the ones who are true stream fans they might remember this take a look at my computer here the last time you were here june twenty sixth two thousand and twelve we both look a little bit younger in this clip here of an old set but you were here under not such great circumstances we were talking about the country's human rights record because you were living in d.c. in exile after having been charged in absentia for terrorism because of your journalism and so i want to fast for just a little bit to this photo posted on facebook went viral and see why a baby you posted this if you know pierre we're coming at last we're ready to fly home and minutes anything it's possible for almighty god free at last free at last this was in february fourteenth talked to us about this moment going home for the
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first time in about twenty twenty years. for two decades i lived in ninety eight. the conflict. went. from london in oil live to london for. nine years and came to the us. so returning home after three years of exile was a unique experience for me because i didn't even see some members of my family including my mom and dad so it was really a great moment for me very emotional moment at the same time what struck me a lot was that the changes that were. going on in ethiopia i witnessed that people are free now they can speak up their mind. i'm not afraid of security forces anymore but still there is anxiety and
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a lot of concern because of the security situation there is some sort of a breakdown of law and order in many parts of ethiopia. which is dampening you know the success of the prime minister he has achieved a lot in one year because it appears the country which has a lot of challenges especially during the last five years or so you mentioned that he's achieved a lot in this past year do you chalk up the fact that you were able to get on this plane and go if you're here with others and see your family for the first time in twenty years is that one of his successes do you attribute that to absolutely his administration absolutely because he opened up the political space is there were a lot of people in the groups which would ignite the terrorists including myself and i was charged with terrorism as you say sentenced in absentia for fifteen years so it is going back home asif new person was a unique experience for me. you heard here what abbe had to say looking at this
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from a journalist perspective over this past year how would you rate the administration . i would just add a few points to one of my colleague say yes ever since with their last one year there has been a great opening up of the political space. to my concern that was not a campaign by opening up or let's say the economy but our strengthening of the security and even then when it were for your buck so this great opening of the political space that sort some unimaginable things happened such as the return of the himself and hasn't been matched was added. particularly in the security area it has not been matched with the same enthusiasm
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put it like that so yes only one side it's what the prime minister has achieved or mazhar i must say here that it is what the party wanted as a means of survival but the prime minister has some sort of put that put that on a on an outer pilot so or deserve it cannot deny the speed and do you know how impressive it whereas we can also deny the concerns that are now particularly when we sent menses that are a cabin in this great political opening so much as a direct consequence of the opening. you know particularly when they have met political parties to come into their countries and there was some lack of clarity on terms and conditions or are made members of some opposition party for example or there or yet on how they will be conducting their activities in that country there were some great lack of clarity on that and so as
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a result of that political opening we are seeing now the breakdown of rule and no. no sir but i think you know you cannot have your cake and eat it too and that's that kind of sick. we are facing today so i hear the nuance there i want to share this tweet we got from olga who writes on twitter he's one of a kind has never seen he already raised the bar achieving what most could not in just three hundred sixty five days yes he has oppositions both healthy and unhealthy ones but these are challenges and i'm sure the healthy ones will be tackled by the prime minister's leadership eventually so just sharing with our audience what one of these achievements was what it looks like and of course this is also something that relates to the story you heard at the top of the show the baby being able to go back this headline from courts africa this was december of last year for the first time in decades there are no it's the opium journalists in prison in the picture there of another former stream gas skender nega a journalist who was released that year so just another one of the successes that
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people online are speaking about about going tom how would you rate this past year . i think it's done. well. relatively speaking i think what you can achieve in this type of situation is is limited it's essentially about minimizing. given what he's inherited and given the challenges that you face we sort of have to raise the prime minister on his ability to minimize the damage. i think the results are mixed in that regard. i was very happy that we had an internal reform rather than a revolution because that would be much more violent and much more messy obviously . but. it looks like the consequence of revolution. simply being delayed rather than eliminated. and i would actually be this primarily
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to. one misgiving i have with the whole process and that's the fact that. the reform has been anchored in the persona of the prime minister and i think that made it bound to minister to fail but faced lots of challenges from the get go and that has to do with the type of state that it's your. federal state first of all and secondly its ruling party that you have been people the revolutionary democratic front it's. a front composed of four at the national parties so de facto and if you're a power is very much decentralized and it's your guy and. no matter who the prime minister is their power is going to be constrained and limited by many forces. and so in that regard i thought it was very unfortunate that the prime minister spent most of the first year in gauging opposition groups and opposition individuals
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politicians who amongst themselves i don't know the capacity to me be at the end to disagree with. that little hit here. now i think i'm going to have to do a little bit of pushback on this. personality cult building narrative about the prime minister i do have a lot of criticism or not some of the things some of the ways he said you know articulating he's a mess it's in everything but i think that's this this this narrative of personality cult of the prime minister is coming in the background or you know. people want to you know there were a lot of openings and got stuck he needed to feed where they're traveling around the country or restoring the country's foreign policy in diplomatic shuttle and everything he comes in the background whereby that last piece of the prime minister is almost like a you know a vacuum almost like we didn't have
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a prime minister in the office so and he comes also from the background of a country that was on the verge of course not so everybody wanted to see him he needed to go everywhere and of course. he was doing that and the other is i think that changing their way of communicating with ethiopians where they're using the social media or using the state television and radio they have to change that dynamic trickly from what we knew it before so that has somehow brought you more into each of our own devices our own kind of force in our own computers and i think some of the things that he did are necessary to have been done. store in country two or were necessary to have been done some of the measures they took in terms of improving the communication from the prime minister's office are necessary to have been done more needs to be done of course there are more clarity and more access to the media and everybody and restoring the diplomatic standoff ethiopia is also something necessary that needed to be done so i think it was brought to our own
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kind of levels of in here. i think one of the problems that the prime minister first the fuss that he inherited very weakened assistance including the ruling party. pointed out you know this is the only party a coalition of four ethnic parties doesn't actually potus is that of a sneak movements. which have conflicting. ideologies and agendas. this weekend is that. the main problems for the prime minister if you look. these fragmented the security apparatus is very. divided. party officials. part of the problem because. they instigated a nickel for this in many parts of the seas i think one of the crisis that
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the prime minister is facing so i'm glad you raised that and heard it in there and yes i'm going to go to you with this but i just want to bring in our community because they're watching this live and one of the points that was just raised is something that so many of them want to talk about because we can't talk about successes without talking about what some see as failure so let's agree to disagree that's their hand oh they say the ethnic conflict in the opiah has gotten worse since a prime minister took power i.d.p.'s and if you are now top in the world the shocking reality is that every contributed towards the crisis both directly and indirectly want to share just one more time this is from there is more chaos killing and internally displaced people day in and day out since he took office he talks a lot but he never puts that into practice about releasing a political prisoners it's to people's true years of continuous protests that is not because of him so the idea of ethnic tension simmering and not being something
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that is being seen as a priority for the administration but you make about. yes i was going to come to the point earlier. my criticism of the fact that the reform has been anchored in the personality of the prime minister is the fact that they each european state is intertwined with the e.p. already of party structure so this means that if the idea is that odds with itself it means that there if you can state is at odds with itself it means that they're not going to be able to provide security they're not going to be able to contain rebel groups ethnic clashes and so forth and i think the last year had to be a spent much more time trying to build the. some sort of a more of a coherent political organization reach some sort of political settlement amongst the different parties. i think that would have helped of void
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a lot of the clashes that we see today and without it. i don't think you can make much progress in terms of rebuilding security you know the thing is yes. a key element in the whole political process there's no question about that it's it's the ruling party will dominate. politics for the last twenty seven years twenty eight now but us we all are very interplays in a transition from or to tear down the road to a democratic and peaceful order that is only settling for any nation especially a country like utopia which has been ethnically fragmented and you know deliberately the coordination itself is a problem as we all know because this is a divided people along ethnic lines who have let me finish it but don't
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consider these regions ethnic enclaves that i'm not highly quiz. even united so the whole structure itself is extremely weak we cannot hold. a political problem with the same. mindset the minds of the state of the ruling party so in order to transition utopia to a democratic order i think he has to bring on board key stakeholders other political parties including the opposition. there need be a transitional kind of process if not a government is needed to restore faith in transition to a democracy cause i can interrupt i think what we have seen the last year is that the opposition forces literally have no constituency. they were invited from abroad before they actually came into the country they had some great. were seen as some
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sort of political force the moment they came into ethiopia it was obvious that these people could not mobilize more than one hundred people amongst themselves and . the conflict and a solution to the conflicts i think is rooted in the purity of these other people with the guns but there are rules of evidence let me correct. let me correct you. there are one there are one hundred eight political parties in ethiopia most of the . parties. the majority of these parties did not come from abroad the day they were not in exile the problem is highly fragmented and ethnic based which is why we have i mean here i'll give this to you said earlier we have a tweet here just picking up on that from ron howard who says i think stand still the better choice what's more concerning to me is that none of the one hundred plus political parties including the ruling coalition have inspired new ideas are we going to say that early. that's
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a great idea that right there since you put up the tweet but i like to add on to it being somewhat of a saint about being at an eclipse fragmented and everything i think or talk has written a very good article the other day on our disease itself saying that you know if your past not ethnically divided itself says twenty seven years where ever since it was built as a as a state one hundred and thirty something years if you're perhaps always been an ethnic state if we call if we use the word ethnic which i do not agree to even describe the constitution itself as an ethnic constitution i have responded to go into my own a debate on twitter in that way but let me add this one obviously and that inherited a country that has a population of more than one hundred in median one who are you know whose horizontal relationship has always been mediated by an authoritarian state this is not obvious making if your parents have always had
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a state that was media thing their horizontal relationship you know the community relationship which has always been mediated by a state what is happening see it after i became is the losing will start this is one day not because the other one is one of the areas the prime minister is reforming if we use that word is the security what does that mean when he is reforming the security who is left this granted you know what was the previous standoff the security in being loyal to the constitution versus the reality of the political party that security forces are coming from this is what he has been targeting for the last one year has it been completed nor he him selfe say that it's not completed but he has staged areas where a lot of people are a lot of people who are army tabin leftists granted and wanted to leverage that by instigating intercommunal vitus's. in many places so these are the two factors that
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we always need to keep in mind what you're going to have always had the government that was needed in their relationship the second is you know touching the security there when how it's all said we're leaving that. so i want to bring up this idea from to touch you on twitter because he's not convinced and i hear what you're saying there about keeping in mind that history and what if the opium has historically been just as the regime he calls it has failed in controlling ethnic violence and if the opiah the international media is lenient on his failures for instance the humanitarian crisis in humans and just one place is alarmingly horrific hundreds have been massacred and around a million displaced i want to get this one to you a bit because minutes before we went live on air you were talking about the history of your fabulous blazer you're wearing today and we talk about violence and ethnic tensions to talk to us about what year it has to do with that. you know of.
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a message. we went to. a city in the southern part of ethiopia and me and a group of journalists from the south were awarded with displays that in honor of our contribution for the changes that come to ethiopia the elders who gave us this letter from the government there was an amazing story last september a conflict between the almost. in an area called brio so many people were massacred and around fifteen thousand people were displaced as a result of communal ethnic attack so there were young government people who wanted to attack or almost or i'm a business is not a bomb and what these elders did was melt down holding up live. a bunch of
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classes and calm it down the situation so this is the kind of example we also need the traditional way of resolving conflict which is very important and also civil society can also play a significant role in. calming down conflict bring about conflict resolution mechanism fear obviously are going to say we're going to let me go to you guys somebody wavelength. on twitter who says internal displacement has been one of the big issues of this past year but i believe the prime minister's office can and should you more but i don't believe that we as citizens are also doing our part to be part of the reform and be proactive on such issues so he's talking about the civil society and the role of everyday people but what if you want to. i was going to add that a lot of the violence is being perpetrated by organized groups rather than you know
1:45 pm
neighbors attacking neighbors and i think this is really a function of the breakdown of law and order rather than some culture developing. or some culturally rooted behaviors. again i'll go back to my same. argument that this has to do with the breakdown of law and order in the state infrastructure security infrastructure of the state which is essentially again. so i think this is such a serious issue that we have to think about mediate actions and the first and only sort of serious measure that i can think of is the ability of parties coming together sitting down agreeing on a political settlement and then containing these organized groups that are going around displacing people and creating havoc. we're going to have an excellent
1:46 pm
suggestion and one that we will have to look forward to seeing if that happens ahead of the twenty twenty parliamentary elections i want to give the last word to i mean i hear on twitter she says rome was not built in a day as a country that it's been oppressive rule with little to no freedom of speech an idea the last year has sparked hope for open talks in one thousand exchange that all the time we have for this part of the conversation to keep your thoughts coming on twitter at a.j. stream our thanks to a baby said ballet and quite time for being part of the conversation we'll see online. april on al-jazeera ultralights is back with more investigative gent. it isn't an in-depth story it's the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections
1:47 pm
a documentary explores how the united states' amby european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology aprils on al-jazeera. as protests over welfare cuts exploded nicaragua's phone trying government launched a brutal clampdown. now after a year of deaths detentions and political suppression crisis negotiations are underway. but could the dark days of civil war still retired. people in power investigates a frontline nicaragua on al-jazeera. isn't the problem for your candidate they
1:48 pm
really don't have a hell of question for him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image delivers a ticket not going to do any will probably not knowing what's going to take any real you get while there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe to follow that is called for and then breaks doesn't build confidence a bright spot to join me may the arsenal of the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on big issues here on al-jazeera. the goal the goal. the goal. study. the european union gives the u.k. and the best six months to leave the blog but the offer comes with a warning. hello
1:49 pm
i'm the star of the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'm elizabeth purana met india's most populous and politically important state of the british as polls are open and the world's biggest democracy. you should return to venezuela. until nicolas maduro this time is up. it's time for him to go. venezuelan leader nicolas maduro accuses the u.s. vice president of arrogance after he calls on the u.n. to recognize one why do as interim president. and a data set for algeria's presidential election after weeks of protests calling for an overhaul of the entire political system. the e.u. has extended breaks it by up to six months where the warning from the european
1:50 pm
council president u.k. prime minister to resign may attended the imagine see meeting in brussels seeking a shorter delay britain can still leave the bloc if make can secure support for head deal natasha about the reports from brussels off the talks that stretched into the early hours of thursday morning usually does agree to grant the british prime minister a flexible extension of ought to call fifty and delayed until october thirty first this extension this flexible as expected. so little bit shorter than expected but that still enough to find the best possible solution. steiff european leaders will meet again in june to ensure that the u.k. abides by e.u. rules for as long as it's part of the bloc if you look at dong so there would probably be european elections in the united kingdom which may seem odd but the
1:51 pm
rules being the rules we have to respect the european no. earlier to reason may had arrived in brussels to ask for an extension until the end of june e.u. leaders were frustrated that should fail to come with a clear breaks a plan the tension eased only for a moment by the german chancellor later may said she welcomed the use of if we can now find an agreement in parliament and put the legislation through in time we could still live on the twenty second of may and not hold those european parliamentary elections in public the agreements on the extension was a show of unity by the twenty seven members but in private in you officials say that discussions were heated most leaders wanted an extension till the end of the year but the french president had refused to back a long delay because he said that briggs it had already overshadowed the use agenda for too long we delivered the best possible compromise first because it was the one
1:52 pm
to preserve the unity of the twenty seven so gone because we had the best request on the u.k. to get more time to deliver the deal on the basis of the with all agreements negotiated a few months ago and search because sense to this agreement we preserve the well functioning of the european union the conservative prime minister left brussels having avoided the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. without a deal on friday and having gained some extra time but some say the sense of report even is likely to be short lived as she returns to her party and m.p.'s in an increasingly hostile westminster sasha butler i'll just say are brussels well david chaytor is live for us in brussels david may is clearly setting herself a deadline before the european elections can she make that deadline. well that's
1:53 pm
a question of parliamentary arithmetic once again but just to update you we've had some reaction from the united states president trump has tweeted in his usual manner too bad that the european union is being so tough on the u.k. they're also brutal trading partners a warning there that is going to be a lot of action between the united states and the european union on trade but yes we've got a flex tension there aren't any of these serious conditions that the french were trying to push on it at least they got it shortened to just six months but there had been talking earlier of the french demanding that the united kingdom lose its commissioner loses its veto and also would have to sign up to a good behavior clause but none of that so at least to reason may avoid that humiliation but she is still insisting as far as she's concerned that she could possibly make and make the deal go through by may the twenty second which would
1:54 pm
avoid that. possibility of the united kingdom having to take part in the european union's parliamentary elections now that is really something that she said she could do but the european union decided looking at what's been happening in the house of commons but there's no way that they thought that would happen so they have granted a flex tension a flexible extension to the withdrawal agreement so it's going to be down to examining westminster westminster as reaction. here in the european union released from the twenty seven other members a bit more time time for time time for perhaps a bit of real sanity to answer the breaks and process but the flex tension is at least giving that time to the m.p.'s in the house of commons well david what are the dangers for the. does take part in those elections.
1:55 pm
well it looks probable unlikely that they will have to because the talks with the opposition labor party and jeremy corbyn have so far not shown any reasonable results teresa mayes still not relinquishing any of her red lines now that means essentially that the u.k. will have to put up candidates for the european parliamentary elections and the danger there is from from everybody here the twenty seven years that the so-called populist a nationalist party is not only in spain not only in eastern europe but also of course in the united kingdom will start to create havoc with the institutions of the european union and that's exactly what they want to avoid we'll have to wait and see if that scenario develops david taylor with that update for us from brussels thank you davis. massud on state television is reporting that the army will make an important announcement saying the president has been under increasing
1:56 pm
pressure from protesters demanding political change on wednesday demonstrators held a sit in for a fifth straight day outside the army headquarters right here one hundred reports. determined to make their voices heard sudanese protesters continue to come out in their numbers chanting outside army headquarters in the capital khartoum for another day on a starving under this president we have been displaced because of him they do to us as they please we ask for the killer to be ousted. but on monday and tuesday security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators staging a sit in later some soldiers intervened and others expressed their support for the demonstrators. this is a message to our colleagues in the armed forces that people here are brothers and have a right to speak their minds these are mid ranking officers. his power still lies
1:57 pm
with the higher level of command despite some saluting the army and calling for them to part ways with the government a spokesman for the military says the armed forces and security forces remain united the mold i hope but i mean what the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. opposition leaders say they are seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the backing of the u.s. u.k. and no way the three countries said in a joint statement sunni's authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition but some activists believe more needs to be done is number of if you committed the genocide in darfur everybody knows the militaries are shit that i'm ever here so to actually just try to have
1:58 pm
a negotiation or a settlement is not enough there has to be a strong statement where change happened and das to be a way for him to leave power omar al bashir has not commented on the past few days of protest but state t.v. showed pictures of him chairing a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue. the anti-government protests started last december fueled by food shortages and rising prices human rights watch says more than fifty people have been killed in violence since then forgot how to go in february a state of emergency was brought in but it's fails to contain these protests the biggest challenge yet for all the shares a thirty year rule. as to don appears to be heading to a political breaking point protesters say they'll continue to take to the streets until their demands are met. al-jazeera.
1:59 pm
while polling is underway in the first phase of india's general elections prime minister narendra modi is seeking a second term voting is taking place in seven phases over more than a month to allow nine hundred million registered voters to cost their ballots well i was there as an as a bit proud and joins us now live from noida and pradesh as we can see the people arriving to cost about it's behind you how's it all been going there this morning. that's right in the south so they have been arriving over the last three and a half hours polls opened at seven o'clock at noida and they ship in india's most populous state two hundred million people live here and that's just one of the reasons why we is so dim fortune from the back of the population that stands a.t.l. so five hundred and forty three m.p.'s in parliament not far from here come from.
2:00 pm
the biggest number of indian prime ministers have come from here and that is why they say that the road to the prime minister's office what's up twenty kilometers from here cuts through the predation of the b.j. the ruling party won a landslide here in twenty four with a seventy one house all for eighty seats that was an election where they campaigned on things like the economy and making india i wanted to make india greater good on what more did then called. all good days the rhetoric of the campaigning is different this time this is an election with the b j p a for if it focusing on national security won't they have a majority again in there for they should they can't have a majority. in new delhi without winning this socially facing a huge challenge this time from two powerful asian no parties to form the coalition to take them all in and that's something that was seeing elsewhere in the country
2:01 pm
other regional company parties forming coalitions to really challenge the b j p in this election elizabeth without update there from.


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